The database contains more than 600..000 persons
but I'm always adding new data .
I also want to thank everyone who has helped me building
this database, especially by putting their dates at my disposal.

some additional info:

in the alphabetic summary you will see,
that the alphabet doesn't start with an *A* but with a bracket *(*
I did that for lack of the maiden name of the female ancestors and used the
name of their husband instead- which I put into brackets.
It facilitates the allocation of kinsmanlike conjunctions.

By the way: all data are accessible , so you don't need to register. Registration is needed,
if someone want to work with me on those data
( my permission is needed)
Now have a great time rummaging!
If you find compliance with some of your ancestors or just have questions, suggestions, additional data and/or
even corrections, I'd be happy to hear from you:

database access

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